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        Welcome to Gregg Young Chevrolet Newton
        1.Excludes select base trims and 2020/2021 Bolt EV, Camaro, Corvette, Spark, Sonic, Impala Tahoe, Suburban, Colorado, Silverado LD and Silverado HD. Not available with special financing, lease and some other offers. Take new retail delivery by 5/3/21.
        Up to 17% of MSRP cash back on select 2021 Chevy models.
        1. Not available with special financing, lease and some other offers. Take new retail delivery by 5/3/21.
        2021 Silverado 1500 Crew Cab $4,400 Cash Allowance
        1. Excludes L models. Not available with special financing, lease and some other offers. Take new retail delivery by 5/3/21. 2. Based on $36,445 MSRP. Not available with special financing, lease and some other offers. Take new retail delivery by 5/3/21.
        2021 Equinox 15 % of MSRP cash back on most models. That's example offer $5,466 cash back on this Equinox Premier.
        1.Pre-production model shown. Actual production model may vary. Available summer 2021.
        The new all-electric Bolt EUV.
        1. Excludes L models. Not available with special financing, lease and some other offers. Take new retail delivery by 5/3/21. 2. Based on $28,960 MSRP. Not available with special financing, lease and some other offers. Take new retail delivery by 5/3/21.
        April 2021 TrailBlazer offer

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        Get a pre-owned vehicle that's inspected and warrantied.

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        Gregg Young Chevrolet Newton in Newton, IA (formerly Noble Auto Group) wants to welcome you to our family! We are proud to offer an extensive selection of new and used vehicles at the lowest prices, view our inventory to find the right model for you. We are now serving Iowa City and Chevrolet vehicle customers in Newton and the surrounding area and want to show you how we'll go the extra mile for you! We offer a customer first policy that puts you in the driver seat where you make informed decisions to offer your family the best vehicle that fits your needs. Gregg Young has 3 locations in Iowa City, Norwalk, Indianola and now Newton!

        Located in Newton, IA, near Iowa City, Gregg Young Chevrolet Newton, is one of the best dealers who go the extra mile for you and what that means is by doing whatever it takes to put you first, helping you find the lowest prices, largest selection, award-winning customer service, lifetime shuttle service, complimentary oil changes, complimentary fuel, and several other benefits that will help you stay on the road to get you to where you want to go. Contact us to schedule a test drive for a vehicle of your choice! Come visit us today at 2020 W 20th Street South, Newton, 50208 or schedule an appointment by calling at 641-426-2069. Also, our service department will help with any vehicle service need that arises. Iowa City Chevrolet customers can call our Newton service department today.

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        Our Reviews

        DealerRater Dec 28, 2018

        Noble was a wonderful place for my first experience to buy my Jeep! Derrick did a excellent job on assisting me with my purchase. The finance Tim and manger were both great to work with. I will definitely be telling everyone to come to Noble to work with Derrick and I will definitely be back. Thank you Noble and Derrick for helping me with my purchase! I love my NEW Jeep!

        DealerRater Dec 19, 2018

        very friendly, knowledgeable, helpful. Treated well by all. Excellent follow up. Always wanting to know if have any questions. Always stated to please let them know if we have any questions or problems

        DealerRater Dec 4, 2018

        I worked with Derrick Hurt and he was a tremendous help. He was responsive to what I needed in a new vehicle and guided me to exactly what I wanted! He was honest throughout the whole process and helped me get something in my price range while giving me an incredible deal. Blane helped out through the process and I was so grateful for his expertise and insight on what was available! After I chose what I’d buy, the finance process was also easy - Tim was really personable and made things go extremely smooth! 10/10, Noble went above and beyond to help me out!

        DealerRater Dec 3, 2018

        We had a great experience with Derrick Hurt. He listened to us and was very patient. We looked at 4 different cars, and he worked hard to meet our need. We ended up with a vehicle that we love!! We would recommend Derrick and Nobel for all your car needs. We also enjoyed working with Tim Bohner, the finance guy.. He was knowledgeable and helpful. He answered all.of our questions.

        DealerRater Nov 28, 2018

        I will continue to use Noble in Newton! The staff are friendly and very helpful! Derrick took time to make sure I had an over view of how to use and set up my phone and the general controls of the vehicle! He is a great salesman!!

        DealerRater Nov 24, 2018

        I just picked up my new 2019 Jeep today and couldn’t be happier with my experience! My sales guy, Derrick Hurt, was very knowledgeable and patient with all of my questions. He was super responsive to my phone calls and texts. He worked hard to get a win-win deal for both of us. All throughout the process he explained the next steps and what I could expect. The car was ready on pick up day and all of the paperwork was completed and ready for my signature. Working with Tim in the finance department was simple and all of the details were explained about the financing, warranty, etc. This is the third car I have purchased from Noble and I highly recommend them to all of my friends and family who are looking for a great experience! Thank you!

        DealerRater Nov 3, 2018

        Sales manager new what car we had been looking at and informed us quickly when it happened to become available. Our experience was very good and salesman told us to call him any time we had questions.

        DealerRater Oct 28, 2018

        I can’t say enough great things about my experience!! I will refer all my friends and family!! Thanks Derrick, you were so patient with me and you went above and beyond to help me purchase this amazing “Cadi”!!

        DealerRater Oct 28, 2018

        Derrick Hurt was a very professional and knowledgeable vehicle consultant and answered all our questions as we were deciding which vehicle we wanted. He was very clear in his instructions on how the different parts of the vehicle that we were unfamiliar with worked.

        DealerRater Oct 26, 2018

        Stacy was super helpful and very accommodating to work with. We live 925 miles from her dealership and found our perfect car on line. Stacy helped make this really bizarre transaction happen for us. She is great to work with. I felt like she was helping me buy a car and not trying to sell me one! Ask for Stacy everytime!! Fred

        DealerRater Oct 26, 2018

        We spent less than 1 1/2 hours taking care of the price, trade in and paperwork. Came up after work and everything was ready to go. We have been Noble customers since 2010 and will continue to go there for our automotive needs.

        DealerRater Oct 23, 2018

        Stacy went above and beyond my expectations! Helped my get the dream Jeep I had been wanting! Would recommend her to anyone in the market for a new vehicle!:)

        DealerRater Oct 22, 2018

        I felt very welcome at Noble. The people were all polite and Stacy Foreman, our sales consultant was very kind. They helped us pick out our vehicle and helped us stay in the correct budget that we were wanting. I would recommend this dealership to anyone a million times over! Very much enjoyed it here!

        DealerRater Oct 14, 2018

        Noble accommodated our schedule by having Stacy (who is fantastic to work with) available first thing in the morning. The buying process was no-pressure, no-hassle, and very easy. Tim made the paperwork process easy, and was great to deal with. I would not hesitate to buy another vehicle from Noble based on my experience yesterday.

        DealerRater Oct 4, 2018

        Noble did a great job accommodating my work and school schedule to find the perfect vehicle for me. They fixed the things that needed work in a timely manner and were awesome to work with! Derrick and Torren did an awesome job, and I would highly reccommend to anyone. Thanks for your time!!

        DealerRater Sep 21, 2018

        I leased a 2019 Ram 1500 Laramie and worked with Steve Stonehocker in sales and Blane Bogaard, the CDJR sales manager. I had an outstanding, professional experience with both. I am extremely busy during the week and was able to work the deal over the phone and via text. Unlike past experiences with other dealerships, everything promised was delivered when I took delivery. Steve Stonehocker has been at Noble a long time and his extensive experience and customer service really shined. Blane Bogaard is also a pleasure to deal with and is always a straight-shooter. I also had an excellent experience with BDC/Internet Manager Daniele Edmond and Finance Manager Tim Bahner. I would wholeheartedly recommend Steve Stonehocker and Blane Bogaard for your next vehicle new vehicle purchase.

        DealerRater Sep 20, 2018

        The personnel were very friendly and accommodating. Made certain all of my questions were answered and I was happy with everything. Kassie was awesome to work with!

        DealerRater Sep 14, 2018

        Noble was very patient with me as I bought my first car. They helped me get through it by myself. They walked me through every step and had a ton of patience with me!

        DealerRater Sep 14, 2018

        Stacey knew just what I needed and had everything ready to go when i got there. Fast, knowelegable, and very friendly service!! I would highly recommend!

        DealerRater Sep 13, 2018

        Was amazing working with Stacy on my new Equinox purchase!! Found just the vehicle I wanted answered all my questions and had great knowledge of vehicle features. Tim made the financing seem easy and stress free!!

        DealerRater Sep 13, 2018

        I’m really enjoying my new vehicle. Stacy took the time to help me find just what I needed. We had a great experience! Thank you!

        DealerRater Sep 13, 2018

        I spent some time last Saturday with Torren. As my first dealership experience, I couldn’t have asked for a better or smoother one. After telling Torren what I needed and how quickly I wanted to get going in a new car, he got right to work finding the best vehicle to match my needs and wants. He was well-spoken, fun to work with, and a great salesman. Noble has definitely gained a lifelong customer due to the entire Torren, Tim, and Stacy’s hard work. Thanks again for making everything so easy!

        DealerRater Sep 11, 2018

        It is a wonderful place to buy a car..They went way out of there way to give me what I wanted..I will always go there for all my cars!! Thanks Torren!!

        DealerRater Sep 7, 2018

        Great people great place great service will come back for my next vehicle purchase or service, and I will tell many other people about the excellent service I received from this dealership

        DealerRater Sep 5, 2018

        We started on the wrong foot of getting a new car, but as we kept going we finally found something that worked out just fine. I ended up with the best deal and salesman there was there at the dealership.

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        Gregg Young Chevrolet Newton 41.68066, -93.07887.
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